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    Shiitake mushrooms needle is fresh, aromatic taste, crispy many family's choice in family meals. According to scientists, needle mushrooms have anticancer abilities, making women beautiful skin, taste, easy to eat and preferred by consumers than other types of fresh mushrooms. However, recently appearing more information about this fungus as unlimited use, no cold storage ... Psychological causes confusion for consumers.


    At the grocery store and supermarket cleaner , needle mushrooms are sold packaged in plastic bags packaging , on the packaging that shows full information about the production date , expiry date , user manual .... But in some wholesale markets or retail markets still stand, stall , kiosk sold without a needle fungus origin , lack of information about the manufacturer , instruction manual and expiry date . So , when choosing to buy fresh mushrooms consumers should note the following points :

    - Consider carefully the information printed on the product packaging .

    - Select package fresh mushrooms and white.

    - Mushrooms are not crushed , not oily ooze .

    - On the packaging information providers to avoid buying the fungus does not guarantee quality .

    Mr. Vu Oanh , Marketing Manager Green Technology Co., Ltd. Hung Phat said : " Biovegi needle mushroom products from South Korea together import and distribution in the market are full of customs declarations , phytosanitary certificates recognize the origin , manufacturer information , production date , expiry date and other papers relating to food hygiene and safety . Complete information about the manufacturer , date of manufacture , expiry date , storage instructions are complete and clear print on the packaging to ensure product quality . "


    Nguyen Van Nam, head of supermarket vegetable counter Hiway Ha Dong said: "South Korea needle mushrooms, if preserved in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations (from 1 ° C to 5 ° C) can be used application within 45 days from the date of manufacture. If not properly maintained condition, needle mushrooms will fast corrupt and affect the health of consumers. Depending on weather conditions, it is possible for external fungal from one to three days, after carrying out from cold storage conditions. "

    According to Vietnam Agriculture