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Home - News - European physician's ability to cause cancer sweeteners

    Food Safety Authority European (EFSA) has issued a press release confirming aspartame safety at current usage levels - 40 mg / kg body weight / day. This dose not apply to patients with phenylketonuria urethra.


    This is the first time the agency has completed a risk assessment for this synthetic sweetener based on the scientific research on aspartame ( human and animal ) . The re-evaluation of this nature is a part of a retrospective program for the system concerned is given in the recent study . Specifically , some studies suggest that beverages and foods containing aspartame will make the consumer at risk for cancer , lymphoma , leukemia or brain tumors .

    The experts of the EFSA has rejected potential risks of aspartame and its decomposition products ( phenylalanine , methanol , and aspartic acid ) in the genetic damage and cancer . At the same time insisted it is not harmful to the brain , nervous system or affect behavioral and cognitive function in children and adults .

    Aspartame is a synthetic sweetener used in approximately 6,000 common foods and drinking water in many countries around the world as well as Vietnam . According to the regulations of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam , the maximum limit of the substance in milk drinks , flavored or fermented ( milk chocolate , cocoa milk , eggs beer , drinking yoghurt , sweetened condensed milk ) is 600 mg / kg ; similar gum 10,000 mg / kg ; vegetable juice , fruit juice is 2.000 mg / kg ...

     According to Vietnam Agriculture