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Canada invested more than $ 7.6 million for Vietnam's agriculture

This project will help raise income for thousands of farmers through technical assistance and training related to the business of banking and agriculture.

Exports to Southeast Asia to reach 18 billion dollars

In the ASEAN region, Malaysia's largest export market of Vietnam with a turnover of some $ 5 billion.

The peppers grow big hit

Price of fresh peppers are the traders buy rice at a 40000-45000 VND/kg, higher than 5-6 times compared to last year.

Choose a needle mushroom healthy

To proactively prevent food poisoning and reduce the disease by eating, consumers should learn technical product information, labels and packaging before deciding to buy food in general and in particular fresh mushrooms.

European physician's ability to cause cancer sweeteners

Many studies on animals and humans show that aspartame sweeteners can lead to cancer, damage to the brain, nervous system ... However, a recent evaluation of the authorities rejected entirely the risk this potential.

Lingzhi good for young people if used properly

This herb helps support the elimination of toxins in the body, relieve nerves, stress reduction, suitable for young people - those who come under pressure in modern life.